[Released on 26 August 2018 | Windows]

A really small prototype/game with only one level. The inspiration was the translocator in the first Unreal Tournament. I remember teleporting around the map (telemonkeys was the nickname for translocator abusers) and even performing some acrobatic telefrags. I decided to implement this teleporting mechanic in a platformer and the result is XLOC! The name comes from the shorthand name of the translocator.

Each run is timed and your goal is to collect all the stars on the level as quickly as you can. Thanks to Kenny for his crosshair pack, Kevin MacLeod for the background music and Chequered Ink for the Electro Shackle font.

WASD – Movement keys
Space – Jump
Left-click – Shoot the teleporter
Right-click – Teleport

[Download for Windows]
[Download on Game Jolt]
[Download on itch.io]

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